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Find out how to get your message heard across Birmingham
Dean Kavanagh | Saturday, February 24, 2018

Advertise on Switch Radio
Get heard across north-east Birmingham whilst supporting a unique local service - it's a win-win
We're the only radio station in north east Birmingham, for north east Birmingham. That means you know exactly who's hearing your message - people living in this area.

Secondly, because we're a community radio station, you can be assured that your spend is supporting a unique and highly valued local service.

Radio advertising works
That's why there are now over 200 licensed community stations and 320 commercial radio stations in the UK.

Radio is universal
It reaches the places other media cannot reach: the home, the car, the bath and the bedroom.

Radio is immediate
We do not have normal deadlines and you can speak to your potential customers at any time of the day or night.

Radio is personal
Listeners trust their favourite radio station and your commercial forms part of our output.

Radio is flexible
We'll work in partnership with you to build a campaign that's right for your brand.

Radio is intrusive
If you're listening to the radio you cannot avoid the commercials.

Radio is creative
We will help lift your brand off the page.

Radio is cost-effective
With reduced wastage your message reaches our listeners - your customers in the area.

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