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Peter Pan, The Musical

The Old Rep Theatre


5th - 31st December 2023


A production by arrangement with International Theatre and Music Limited. Book, music and lyrics by Piers Chater Robinson. Based on the novel by J.M. Barrie.

The fictional character of Peter Pan first appeared in J.M. Barrie's novel, the 1902 story 'The Little White Bird.' and then appeared in 1904 as Peter Pan.

The initial and opening scene is set in the bedroom of The Darling children as they slept and where Peter Pan mysteriously appears, searching and trying to retrieve his shadow. What a sensational start to the performance as we are introduced to Mr Darling (Matthew Christmas), Mrs Darling (Penny Ashmore), Wendy Darling (Rhian Lynch), John Darling (Morag Maryland), Michael Darling (Daniel Gaulder) and Peter Pan (Thea Jo-Wolfe) and perfectly choreographed dance and song set the scene and a high standard for the duration and the rest of the production. I must add a very strong opening scene from Penny Ashmore, perfecting two completely contrasting roles, whom was charming and elegant as Mrs Darling yet swashbuckling and brutish as one of Hooks brazen pirates!!


Peter Pan elaborates to the children that he is from the island of Neverland and is the leader of the lost boys, spending time; adventurous time, taking on and battling Captain Hook and his band of cut-throat pirates. Thea Jo-Wolfe as Peter was a delight to watch; extremely confident, comical and flamboyant at times dressed in the classic, iconic Peter Pan attire of a short sleeved green tunic and booties. Accompanying Peter Pan on his adventures is friend, and best friend at that, the fairy Tinker bell. Plenty of audience interaction to save Tinker bell!